Car Model : MINI F60


? All details
➖ Unlock Apple Carplay
➖ Unlock Screen Mirroring
➖ unlocking, watching movies is not fast
➖ Latest year map update
➖ Please install MINI Connected on your mobile.
➖ Open the system to play sub-programs in addition to MP4 MKV AVI OGG VCD XVID.
➖ Unlock Towbar Zoom ** (requires camera)
➖ Sport Display
➖ Head up Display
➖ Unlock clean
➖ Open the system to remember the air value and the air flow value or
➖ Turn on the system, remember the Auto Start / Stop or default OFF setting.
➖ Auto-folding side mirrors When locking the car
➖ Turn the system into reverse gear. The fire at the outside door handle hole is mounted. Helps to park in the dark.
➖ Turn on the Easy entry system, the reverse seats and the steering wheel move up when the engine is turned off. And move back to its original position when returning to sit in the car ** (electric steering wheel only)
➖ Turn on the electronic off system, turn off all electronic systems in the car. When the engine is turned off and the driver’s side door is opened
➖ Open Welcome Light system, set as needed Fog light, Tail Light, Low – High Beam, License plate.
➖ Turn on the Time Sync system from GPS Antinomatic.
➖ Sound off and seat belt warning lights